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Training Bay Area Workers for Family-Sustaining Careers in Healthcare

The Problem

Women and low income workers lost 5 million jobs in 2020—with Hispanic and Black women suffering a disproportionate share of the lost income and work. While the Bay Area job market is slowly recovering, not all jobs are coming back. Furthermore, the pandemic has greatly increased the need for skilled workers in the healthcare sector.

The Solution

STEP Into a Job! trains the Bay Area workers for high-growth careers in healthcare with donor-funded investments in real people—making an immediate impact where it’s needed most—in the lives of those who’ve been hit hardest by the pandemic’s economic downturn. We do this through funded training programs that quickly make an impact in our students lives giving them certifiable skills that will provide them and their families with more stable work, and family-sustaining wages, while filling the increased need for medical workers.

Become a Student

STEP Into a Job! provides a free 10-month training program in Medical Assisting. The program includes coursework, hands-on labs, and real-world skills training through our externship program. We provide ongoing support to ensure you jumpstart your new career in healthcare.

Are you a Bay Area employer in need of a qualified workforce?

  • Partner with us for workforce development
  • Students are eligible for 4-6 week externships
  • Graduates are ready for full-time work
  • We also develop custom training programs for in-house staff

Help Displaced Bay Area Workers Retrain for Essential Jobs in Healthcare—including Medical Assisting, COVID Testing, and Vaccine Administration


Student Graduation Rate, includes students’ program completion after 18 months


Student Job Placement Rate, includes students’ employment rate 1 year after program completion


Average Family Income, students’ family income jumps from $23K to $44K on average, after completion

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